At McGinty Dental Group, Dr. McGinty and her team maintain committed to providing premier personal family care to all of their patients. Please take a moment to read our patient testimonials below to learn more about how the comfort and care of our patients always come first at McGinty Dental Group, your Littleton Colorado dentist of choice.

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Wanda B. Avatar
Dr. McGinty has been my dentist for over 25 years. She's is wonderful, kind and very knowledgable. She stays current with all the latest research in dentistry.
Wanda B. 9/15/2022
Angela S. Avatar
Best dentist I’ve been too. If one can say the dentist is a pleasurable experience, it can be said of Dr McGinty and staff.
Angela S. 5/17/2022
Jude R. Avatar
I’ve been going to Dr. McGinty for several years. She is a wonderful dentist who is very compassionate and does excellent work. Her entire staff is top notch too! This is the first dental office I’ve gone to without having anxiety. You can trust this office and dentist! There are very few biological dentists out there. Your dental health is directly related to your entire body’s health. I want to know I am not poisoning my body with things like amalgam (Mercury) fillings. Dr. McGinty can safely remove those and advise you on all things safe and healthy for you! I highly recommend McGinty dental!
Jude R. 2/19/2020
Rennetta N. Avatar
Dr. McGinty is kind, knowledgable and professional. She takes extra care of patient comfort. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They can do some crowns same day. I recommend McGinty Dental to everyone!
Rennetta N. 2/17/2020
Megan H. Avatar
The best dentist office ever! The hygienists are super friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and provide for some great conversation (when you are able to talk.) Kimberly is top notch. Best hygienist! Highly recommend.
Megan H. 2/04/2020
chris b. Avatar
McGinty dental takes away the anxiety of your dental appointment. You are always welcomed with a smile by Jennifer and Liberty.
Kimberly, hygienist, is always friendly during my cleanings. You can tell Dr. McGinty cares about her patients. Brogan the practices mascot adds to the atmosphere of the office!
Keep doing what you are doing McGinty Dental!
chris b. 1/06/2020
Elyse H. Avatar
I have been seeing Dr. McGinty for over 10 years. She is the most patient, kind, and welcoming dentist you will ever find. She is non-judgmental and will listen to every concern that you may have about your oral health, or a procedure you are having, etc. I can not say good enough things about Dr. McGinty!
Elyse H. 12/05/2019
Lauren V. Avatar
5 star rating Dr McGinty and her team deserve above a 5 stars rating for their compassion and professionalism. Like some, I have always had a fear of going to the dentist, but at McGinty Dental Group I am relaxed and confident in her and her team. You can see how much they enjoy and LOVE their jobs! I have been going to Dr. McGinty for 2 years now and since then I am more confident in my smile and overall dental hygiene. Needless to say I no longer look for an excuse to not go to my appointment. Thank you McGinty Dental Group for all you do!!
Lauren V. 9/16/2019
Tiana F. Avatar
I can’t say enough good things about Mcginty Dental. Dr. Dickerson has done so much work for me and my husband over the last year and a half, and everything she does is amazing. Excellent communication, calming, and gentle. Her cosmetic dentistry is outstanding! She turned my terrible teeth into something I can actually be proud of when I smile! They take a whole health approach to dentistry which I certainly appreciate. Their dental hygienists are really great also!
Tiana F. 8/14/2019
TF 3. Avatar
The best dentist ever! Friendly and caring doctors and professional support team! We take our 3 children here and they always have a good experience and trying to brush more so they can get a prize from the treasure box! Thanks Dr. McGinty, Jennifer and team!!!
TF 3. 8/01/2019
Morgan D. Avatar
Not only a more thorough exam than I've ever had, they corrected work that had been done at my previous dentist, too. Their attention to whole-body health is what brought us in. We've talked about the risks of x-ray, fluoride, sealants, and infection, and their knowledgeable staff has provided expert advise and care for our whole family. They even focus on self-healing through nutrition and supplements, which is our ideal for any health-care professional.
Morgan D. 6/25/2018
Glen M. Avatar
5 star rating Dr. McGinty and her staff are top notch. They have always worked to make me feel comfortable. They do great work and are always willing to explain what his happening and why. I can't recommend her office enough
Glen M. 1/22/2018
Suzanne C. Avatar
5 star rating Dr. McGinty's office is hands down the most comfortable, most friendly, and most professional I've ever visited. From the welcoming and genial front desk manager (Deb), to the gentle and amazingly informative hygienist (Michelle), to the affable, experienced and prudent Dr. McGinty herself, the entire staff was exactly who you would want caring for your mouth. I've never had a more pleasant cleaning and x-ray. Her chairs are set up so that the patient is positioned to look out of a floor to ceiling window, with a view of the mountains in the distance and a field full of snacking magpies up close. I was so enthralled with what was going on outside that I honestly didn't even feel like I was at a dentist. Top notch staff and atmosphere, I can't applaud this practice enough!

I never in a million years would have thought a dentist visit could be pleasant. Thanks for changing my mind!
Suzanne C. 8/14/2017
Terry R. Avatar
5 star rating BEST DENTAL GROUP IN DENVER! Very caring. Office high tech and clean. I have been a patient for many years and would travel cross country to see them.
Terry R. 8/07/2017
Stacey M. Avatar
5 star rating I was very impressed with the courtesy, knowledge, professionalism and time spent with me to answer every question and concern I had during my first visit at Dr McGinty's office. The admin staff is so helpful (thanks Deb for spending so much time with me!). Julie was so wonderful during my cleaning and checkup and explained everything so well all with care and compassion.
And how great to get such informative answers from Dr McGinty all based on the most recent science and advancements in health and wellness. I am thrilled to have found my new dentist and will be spreading the word!
Stacey M. 7/27/2017
danielle k. Avatar
I can not even begin to explain how much I LOVE this place! Not only do they specialize in all non-toxic treatment, but they are the kindest, friendliest, most helpful staff! From the first phone call, they helped me sort out my insurance, and were able to squeeze me in to help with my insurance. They are SO knowledgeable and caring and I loved the treatment I received. They were very patient and understanding to my anxiety issues and helped me through the procedure. I even received a hand-written thank you note from them after my first visit---who does that?!!I They are amazing! I HIGHLY recommend them!
danielle k. 6/20/2017
Kat M. Avatar
5 star rating We have been searching for a family bio dentist here in the Denver area. After calling two others, this dental office was our final call. SO HAPPY to have found Dr McGinty! My son had a small cavity to be filled. We did xRays first and met with the dentist. They were extremely courteous, kind and punctual. This office is very organized, which makes it easy for a busy families time; it's easy to know when you'll be done here. My sons filling went very smooth and pain free. They educated him, were patient and humorous. He loved them, which is a HUGE thing for a parent.
They're focus is on natural healing and preventive care. They don't use flouride like many mainstream dentists still do. Upon request, yes. I cannot tell you how much we recommend them and how extremely happy we are to have found them. And....they use dōTERRA! Totally smart AND awesome!
Kat M. 4/17/2017
Justin V. Avatar
I recently had a routine checkup with Dr. McGinty and was thoroughly impressed. Before my appointment it had been 15 years since my last dentist appointment. The reason for that is I was opposed to traditional medicines use of toxic metals and fluoride. Dr. McGinty is well versed in her profession and relieved to find an alternative method of dentistry. Her ozone technology is a far safer and effective alternative and I highly recommend her services. In addition, all of the staff was incredibly nice and accommodating. Highly recommend!
Justin V. 2/07/2017
Justin V. Avatar
5 star rating I recently had a routine checkup with Dr. McGinty and was thoroughly impressed. Before my appointment it had been 15 years since my last dentist appointment. The reason for that is I was opposed to traditional medicines use of toxic metals and fluoride. Dr. McGinty is well versed in her profession and I was relieved to find an alternative method of dentistry. Her ozone technology is a far safer and effective alternative and I highly recommend her services. In addition, all of the staff was incredibly nice and accommodating. Highly recommend!
Justin V. 2/07/2017
Andy N. Avatar
We love Dr. McGinty and her amazing staff of hygienists! We have been cared for by her for over 13 years. She is always educating herself and team on the newest, most effective and natural dental care. Her facility is beautiful and they are very efficient and respectful of your time. There is nowhere else we would take our family. She's the best dentist in the Denver area!
Andy N. 2/03/2017
Crystal M. Avatar
5 star rating Best dentist office I've ever been to. Bridget always does my cleanings and she is AMAZING. My teeth are SUPER sensitive and she always makes sure I'm pain free and as comfortable as possible. The entire staff is very friendly. This office also has warm rinse water, which is great if you have sensitive teeth. I love it here and highly recommend this office!
Crystal M. 1/23/2017
Shara B. Avatar
5 star rating My favorite dentist I have ever had. Needed a crown replaced, and they can made it right there on site that day while I enjoyed a movie. Just great! And they are all super nice and professional. Spa like and enjoyable as far as dentistry is concerned.
Shara B. 6/12/2015
Jason S. Avatar
5 star rating Compared to my last dentist (Southwest Dental) this place is like Disney Land! They have all the latest tech and you can even watch a movie while they work on you! Dr. Schmidt is amazing with a gentle touch and great expertise. She always explains procedures in detail and will even show you before and after pictures. The rest of the staff is awesome and they have some of the best hygienists around. If you are looking for a great dentist who uses all the latest technology to make your visit as comfortable and comprehensive as possible, then McGinty is the place for you!
Jason S. 10/23/2014
Jamie B. Avatar
5 star rating BEST dentist ever! This group is wonderful, everyone is so kind and helpful, from the receptionists to the hygentists to Dr. McGinty, and now the new dentist as well. I have been going here for several years and refer my friends and family. I've watched Brogan, the office dog, grow up from just a little puppy. He is so friendly and everyone just loves him. The chairs where you get your teeth cleaned have massage pads on them so you can choose to turn that on. If you're cold, they'll give you a blanket. It's great that they go to such lengths to make you comfortable, because there is this misconception that going to the dentist is a bad thing. Not here! This place is not close to my home or work, but that doesn't matter. I'll go here no matter where I live!
Jamie B. 2/21/2014
Lara W. Avatar
5 star rating Dr. McGinty and staff are absolutely wonderful! Our family have been going for almost 18 years now and her staff literally knows more about our children than some family members do! The office is clean, relaxing and beautiful. It's more like going to the spa than to the dentist! Each technician is friendly and has a mercifully light touch. They are always on top of the latest medical advances in dental and Dr. McGinty has a much more homeopathic, organic style to dentistry. Even my 7 year old looks forward to visiting the dentist, as she gets to go "shopping" in the toy bin after every session. And though she is normally extremely shy, the kind and gentle technicians do a great job of making her feel at ease ... even when I'm getting my examine done in the next office and away from her. Highly Recommended!!
Lara W. 10/09/2013