L-PRF Platelet Therapy

Better Healing From Within

For patients in need of oral surgery or extensive implant bone grafting, McGinty Dental Group is excited to offer Platelet Therapy as an all-natural, holistic way to improve patient healing. Leukocyte – Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) offers Dr. McGinty a revolutionary way to promote healing and bone growth in patients using their own bodies. Platelet Therapy with L-PRF uses your own blood. After a small sample is taken, our team can create L-PRF that’s custom made for you by you! The final results of the process help improve the body’s natural healing response and significantly decreases recovery time following surgery.

L-PRF basically act as a bioactive “bandage” that’s created using your own blood. The bandage is then placed at the site of your surgery to help improve healing. When placed at the site of a dental implant, tooth extraction, or other surgical treatment, L-PRF releases naturally created healing proteins, creating a more productive structure for cells that assist the body in the healing process.

With no additives or artificial components, L-PRF ranks as one of the most holistic and efficient methods for assisting and improving the healing process.

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