Ozone Therapy

At McGinty Dental Group, Littleton, CO biological dentist Dr. Eileen McGinty always strives to utilize the latest, most advanced dental technology to improve patients’ oral health.

Since we believe that our patients deserve only the best treatment possible, we’re excited to announce that McGinty Dental Group now offers ozone therapy!

The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Preventing infection is one of the most difficult problems for dentists to overcome. The mouth is teeming with millions of individual bacteria and other microorganisms. While most of the bacteria in the mouth is healthy and beneficial to the body, occasionally harmful bacteria develops that places a patient’s oral health at risk, especially after oral surgery.

When introduced to harmful bacteria, ozone has the ability to create an effect known as “transient oxidative burst.” In other words, ozone kills harmful oral bacteria on contact. As a gas, ozone has the capacity to penetrate deep into gum tissue and even into the porous surface of our teeth. So by introducing ozone to the oral cavity, the gas has the ability to eliminate harmful bacteria wherever it may reside.

How Ozone Can Improve Your Oral Care

When administered properly, ozone therapy can improve every facet of a patient’s dental care. Periodontal disease, for example, is an infection found in a patient’s gums and bone structure. By applying ozone therapy directly to the infected areas of the mouth, Dr. McGinty can successfully treat periodontal disease without the use of any pharmaceutical medications and associated side effects.

Following oral surgeries, such as extractions, patients are at a higher risk of developing an oral infection due to lingering bacteria. Ozone therapy can successfully eradicate bacteria from the extraction site, ensuring complete sterilization and that no harmful bacteria remains after the cavity is filled.

Ozone therapy can even help treat cavities, which is just another form of infection. With the application of ozone, Dr. McGinty can treat cavities without the use of dental drills and fillings. This type of treatment is especially useful when treating children who can become easily frightened when having a cavity filled.

Our Holistic Philosophy

Our doctors’ philosophy when treating patients is firmly rooted in holistic dentistry. When treating any dental disease, they consider how it can impact a patient’s general health and well-being. Their goal is not to just treat the teeth and gums but also the overall health of the patient.

Ozone therapy offers our team at McGinty Dental Group just one more way to safely and naturally treat our patients in a way that upholds Dr. McGinty's high standards for patient care.