Holistic/Biological Dentistry

Holistic dentistry incorporates a whole-body approach when treating a patient’s oral condition by considering the mind, body and spirit of the patient. It focuses on promoting wellness rather than just treating the disease. Dr. McGinty's philosophy is firmly rooted in holistic dentistry. When treating any dental disease, they consider how it can impact a patient’s general health and well-being. Their goal is not to just treat the teeth and gums but also the overall health of the patient.

Some Basic Principles

To achieve this goal, they follow some basic principles that include:

  • Encouraging patients to maintain a balanced diet in order to prevent and reverse oral disease
  • Safely removing silver fillings that contain toxins like mercury, and using only biologically compatible dental materials
  • Treating and preventing gum disease from a biological perspective
  • Using a conservative, biomimetic approach to remove decay that preserves healthy tooth structure

Dr. McGinty, as a premiere Littleton holistic dentist, combines these principles with advanced dental techniques and technology to offer the very best dental care possible. Through holistic dentistry, our doctors help patients achieve oral health that can lead to better overall health.

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