Ceramic Impants

If you have questions about what zirconia dental implants can do for the long-term health of your smile, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. McGinty.

Zirconia dental implants

Dentists have long used dental implants to repair a smile missing one or more teeth. Unfortunately, the titanium screws used in dental implant procedures made the treatment unavailable for patients with a metal allergy or hypersensitivity. The McGinty Dental Group can now answer the needs of these patients while also providing everyone with a better implant option with the addition of zirconia dental implants.

The benfefits of Zirconia dental implants

Zirconia dental implants offer the same durability and ability to repair the long-term health of your smile as traditional titanium implants. Zirconia implants also offer patients several advantages, including:

In most cases, zirconia implants can be placed immediately following tooth extraction. Without the need to wait for the jawbone to heal and regrow, zirconia implants can reduce treatment times by up to 8 weeks.

Zirconia implants have a natural tooth color that blends into your smile. Titanium implants often create gray edges along the gum line or a shimmering gray effect that can change the appearance of your smile.

The implantation of metals in the mouth can have a negative impact on the entire body. Since zirconia is a body-friendly material, the implants are entirely biocompatible.

As a holistic dentist, Dr. McGinty embraces a biological-medical approach that focuses on whole-patient health. Zirconia implants meet our criteria for treating our patients with the most natural remedy possible.