Are Ceramic Dental Implants Best for a Strong Smile?

McGinty Dental Group, your dentist in Littleton, takes a holistic approach to your health. That’s why we offer ceramic dental implants instead of the more common titanium.    Patients who are allergic to metal, or who prefer not to use metal in their bodies for any number of reasons, can use this biocompatible ceramic for…

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Is Sugar Really That Bad For Your Teeth?

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There is a lot of chatter when it comes to the subject of sugar and your teeth. That’s why our dentists here at the McGinty Dental Group , your best choice in oral health care for a biological dentist in Denver, care about bringing the news to patients on what is actually good for your teeth. The…

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Does Drinking Diet Soda Threaten Your Health?

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Approximately one in five Americans drink diet soda on a daily basis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At our Littleton family dentistry, we wonder if that’s a good habit for so many people to indulge in? A number of recent studies have found links between diet soda consumption and a number…

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How Calcium Impacts Your Oral & Overall Health

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As your dentist in Littleton, our team at McGinty Dental Group want patients to know that receiving enough calcium in your diet is necessary for maintaining a number of important health functions, including maintaining bone health and oral health, and to reduce the risk of obesity and colon cancer. While you might think of calcium…

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