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Don't Let Your Dental Benefits Expire

By McGinty Dental Group | Nov 15, 2015

At McGinty Dental Group, Littleton family dentist Dr. Eileen McGinty and the rest of our staff hope that all of our patients enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season. Of course, the end of the calendar year means more than just pumpkin pie, mistletoe and the rooftop tapping of Santa’s reindeer. The calendar’s change from…

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How Xylitol Will Brighten Your Smile

By McGinty Dental Group | Jun 19, 2015

Dental researchers are constantly working to find treatments and care to meet the diverse needs of a world population almost chronically in need of dental attention. Worldwide, dental diseases, like tooth loss and periodontitis, are some of the most common– and avoidable– health problems. Not only can dental disease impact your smile, but there is…

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Littleton Denver Colorado dentist team

Five Facts You Didn’t Know about Cavities

By McGinty Dental Group | Jun 9, 2015

Most people think cavities are what occur when they eat too many sweets and fail to brush their teeth nightly. This is what most of us were taught as children about the importance of brushing and why we couldn’t just have candy for dinner. While this explanation about cavities may suffice when explaining tooth decay to…

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Nonsmokers and Secondhand Gum Disease

By McGinty Dental Group | Apr 1, 2015

It’s no mystery. Use of tobacco products harms almost every part of the body: lungs, skin, throat, mouth, the delicate mucous membranes of the upper respiratory system. The nicotine in tobacco products, smoke-able and smokeless, is a potent vasorestrictor that contributes to cardiovascular disease and peripheral neuropathy. Both smokeless and smoke-able stain teeth, cause halitosis,…

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4 Great Spring Vegetables You Can Grow Yourself

By McGinty Dental Group | Mar 31, 2015

Fresh food is the best. It’s the healthiest, the most colorful, and if you grow it yourself– the most budget-friendly. Growing food is fun, great exercise, gets you outside, and for younger gardeners it’s a hands-on experience that engages and educates at the same time. At  your premiere Littleton, CO dentists, one of our goals is…

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A Very Special McGinty Christmas

By McGinty Dental Group | Jan 18, 2015

T’was the week before Christmas, when all through the McGinty Dental Group, Not a patient was stirring, not even the local Girl Scout troupe; The stockings were hung by the dentist’s chair, In hopes that Drs. McGinty & Schmidt would soon be there. While Christmas is such a special time to rejoice, Many underprivileged children…

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Seasonal Sipping With Straws

By McGinty Dental Group | Dec 20, 2014

Many of us like to enjoy a glass of wine with friends and family over holiday dinners, or tuck into a mug of spicy mulled wine at an ugly sweater party! Both red and white wines have been shown to have heart-healthy benefits as well as antimicrobial activity, and for connaisseurs, their flavor is delectable.…

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Two Simple Resolutions to Smile About

By McGinty Dental Group | Dec 19, 2014

This year, make your New Year’s resolution early. No, we’re not talking about losing those five pounds you’ve been hoping to say goodbye to (although this may help with that!), we’re talking about resolving to follow a lifestyle that supports great oral health. Why address this over the holidays? Well, holidays are often defined by…

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Biological Dentistry in Littleton

Biological Dentistry With McGinty Dental Group

By McGinty Dental Group | Oct 30, 2014

One of the biggest reasons why McGinty Dental Group is consistently the first choice for family dentistry in Littleton is our focus on whole patient health. Drs. McGinty, Schmidt, and team are committed to approaching dental care holistically and working with other health professionals to achieve optimal patient health. Whole patient health This brings us…

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