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Welcome to McGinty Dental Group, the Littleton, Colorado dental practice of Eileen McGinty, DDS, PC. At McGinty Dental Group, our goal is to provide the most advanced, comprehensive, up-to-date gentle dental care to all of our patients. For individuals who become long-term patients of Dr. McGinty, we strive to provide a level of care that necessitates very little future dental treatment, so they can live a life free of discomfort and oral disease. To reach this standard of care, we encourage all of our patients to undergo thorough examinations on a regular basis at our dental office in Littleton, Colorado, to check for any signs of decay or gum disease before either condition can advance to a more serious oral health concern. Through proper dental care and daily oral hygiene, we believe it’s possible for all of our patients to enjoy a healthy smile for a lifetime.

Patient Education

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Dr. McGinty believes every patient should have the tools needed to make thoughtful, informed choices about their oral health. Through patient education, we teach every individual as much as possible about the current state of their oral health so they can make an informed decision on the best course of treatment. So that patients feel involved in the treatment process, the experienced and professional team at McGinty Dental Group is happy to answer any questions patients may have about their oral health. By establishing a clear line of communication with all of her patients, Dr. McGinty wants every individual to understand they are receiving the best, most consistent care possible.

Dr. Eileen McGinty has a passion for educating her patients on the relationship between their oral health and their overall systemic health. Dr. McGinty’s vision is to exceed each patient’s expectations with the goal to help all her patients maintain their exceptional oral health so that they need minimal dental treatment throughout their lifetime.

Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry In Littleton Colorado

As a practitioner of biomimetic dentistry, Dr. McGinty believes in treating the effects of tooth decay through non-invasive means that help to preserve the natural structure and function of teeth. Dr. McGinty focuses on studying the natural properties of teeth so she can better duplicate those properties when reconstructing patients’ teeth and gums back to health following oral disease or trauma. While the field of dentistry has made remarkable strides in recent years at treating the effects of disease and decay, the state-of-the-art materials used in dental procedures like crowns, bridges and fillings can be at odds with the natural properties of a patient’s teeth. In biomimetic dentistry, the focus is on using materials that more closely simulate the natural structure of teeth in order to drastically reduce the risk of future oral problems. This philosophy is just part of Dr. McGinty’s overall holistic approach to dental care.

Professional Service and Skill

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If you’re looking for a dentist in Littleton, CO, you can expect only the highest degree of professional service and skill from our team at McGinty Dental Group. We remain dedicated to improving and maintaining the oral health of all of our patients. So whether you’re scheduling a child’s first dental appointment or are in need of more advanced dental care, our highly experienced team has you covered. You’ll feel confident that after every appointment, our team will have met your oral health needs and exceeded your expectations.

We are currently accepting new patients, referrals, and walk-ins. We accept most major forms of dental insurance, so call today to schedule your first dental appointment.